Wonder Woman! or, Motivation to Keep the Weight Off

Wonder Robin

Wonder Robin

I knew that I had to keep the weight I’d lost with Nutrimost off if I wanted to get into my Wonder Woman costume again this year.

Wonder Woman, Vol I

Last year, I was able to make my lifelong dream of being Wonder Woman come true. Not that I couldn’t have been anyway, but I didn’t feel as comfortable trying to be a “Big” Wonder Woman, and the costumes for bigger girls are not nearly as cute. It sort of feels like giving up.

Wonder Woman, Vol II

This year, I definitely wanted to don the boots again (the boots MAKE the costume, as far as I’m concerned)! I also got a cape this year, and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this costume. I’ve got it hanging in my closet so it can make me happy every day. Happy Halloween, indeed. : )


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