New Body, New Mindset With The NutriMost Plan

Robin May 2014

Robin May 2014

It’s Been Quite a Weight-Loss Journey

Robin Sept 2015

Robin Sept 2015

Here’s a bit about my journey on a diet that has changed my life…I’ve lost about 35 pounds and 5 sizes so far, reset my metabolism and hormones, and have increased energy, better sleep, and a better attitude in general. My weight had topped out at 239 about a year and a half ago, and I lost about 60 pounds on my own. I had gained back about 13 of those pounds before I started with Idaho Fat Loss.

About a year ago, as a radio production director, I started producing commercials (or “spots,” as we call ’em in the biz) for Dr. Sterling at Idaho Fat Loss (you can lose 20-40 pounds in 40 days eating real food; resets your metabolism and hormones and enables you to keep the weight off; it’s doctor-supervised; and the plan is specific to your body type using special “Nutrimost Resonant Frequency,” or NRF Technology). At some point I realized about 15 people I work with were doing this diet (DJ’s doing the plan in return for endorsements–called “trade,” a common practice in radio), and it seemed to really be working! I had also heard one of said co-workers mention how much her skin had improved, and that gave me pause for thought because I have suffered some skin problems (TMI: acne, and more recently boils, and cysts). So, I told the doc that I would be interested in doing the plan, and to my delight he agreed to let me do the program in return for doing his commercials (voicing some as an announcer, and as someone who’s done the diet; and producing some with the doctor’s and other client’s voices).

My Stats

I started this plan on April 26th at 194 lbs. and 44.7% body fat. In the 40 days, according to the scale at their office (you weigh fully clothed, barefoot), here’s what changed:

Weight: 178-down 16.2 lbs (size 18 to size 12 jeans)
BMI: 31.7 to 28.7
Body Fat %: 44.7 to 37.9
Body Fat went from 87.8 to 67.4 lbs. That means I lost more than 20 lbs of just body fat!!
Fat-Free Muscle Mass increased by 2 lbs.
Body Water %: went from 39.6 to 44.1…my body was almost 5% more hydrated.

After the 40 days I have continued the principles of the plan, and am down to 160, a size 10. What’s interesting to me is, I was a size 10 when I completed the LA Weight Loss Plan 11 years ago weighing 145 lbs! So my body shape has changed. And I keep losing inches even though I have been maintaining the weight at 157-160 for a couple of months. I plan to drop my calories and follow the guidelines of the weight loss portion of the program to lose about 15 more pounds, and I feel very confident I can do that. It’s also been great to see that, while experimenting with reintroducing foods I had cut out during the weight-loss phase (finding out which foods may affect you negatively, and being able to avoid them–and/or enjoy them when you know they don’t cause problems for you), that even when I go up a few pounds, as long as I stay fairly true to the principles of the plan, the scale doesn’t stay up.

Some Of The Specifics

During the 40 days, absolutely NO: oils (even in your makeup, moisturizers, and hair products–it should be noted that you may have to invest in some oil-free product replacements to use during the 40 days), sugars or artificial sweeteners (you are allowed stevia), or starches (no wheat, rice, potatoes–you know, the mostly white foods that are not really healthy anyway). No breakfast (which was no problem for me, I’m not normally hungry for breakfast anyway), you get one protein, vegetable, and fruit each for lunch and dinner. You have supplements specifically for you that keep you from being hungry and reset your hormones, plus pink salt to help increase your body water percentage. It’s all designed to get your body into prime fat-burning mode, burning your fat instead of food–and you’re not hungry. Stick to the plan and you will see changes (increases in water percentage, loss in body fat), even when the scale doesn’t move. As long as my clothes continued to get loose, I knew something was working.

It’s VERY, VERY important to not cheat at all. It’s only 40 days! Any cheat will take you days to recover from, and by then your 40 days will be almost up–just when you’re getting back in to fat-burning mode. After the 40 days, you reset your metabolism and weight set point, and you will be able to maintain your weight loss (or start losing more, if you choose to). At that point you add back in healthy fats, still avoiding sugars and starches.


The program is in the area of $1500+ (however you are spending a lot less on food, so it’s not as much as it sounds like). With the success of my co-workers, and then seeing it translate to my own scale, it was fairly easy to stay motivated, and be able to turn down tempting things that were put in front me (and it happened a LOT). If I had invested the money, I would like to think that it would help a person commit even more. I am really happy with the results and I feel more confident about maintaining them than I’ve felt with any other plan I’ve attempted.  My family also did a loose version of this program with me, and my 11-year-old daughter lost 7 pounds!

I have a new wardrobe as most everything I had is too loose–just a piece at a time since I plan to lose more…and the few things that were too small (those size 10’s!) that I had kept in the back of the closet are fitting just fine now. THAT feels pretty amazing!

My skin has improved as well…I’m not completely out of the woods yet, but it’s getting better, and I notice it flares up when I add unhealthy things to my diet. That’s also motivation for sticking with it.

Good luck on your journey, and if you have any questions about mine, please email or comment!

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