Easy Usable Gift Ideas For Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

Christmas Gift Boxes

I have a hard time buying gifts. You never know what people really want (especially in this day and age of technology). And if they’re like me, they have a hard enough time organizing the stuff they already have, so I also don’t want to contribute to the clutter. And, the whole thing just stresses me out. So to make […]

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8 Movies You Didn’t Know Were Stephen King Stories

Shawshank Redemption Cover-Castle Rock Entertainment

The King of Horror, The Master of Mystery   As of this writing, Stephen King has 244 writing credits for produced projects in IMDb. This includes books, novels, novellas, short stories, poems, haikus, and limericks. And I’m only kidding about the haikus and limericks (yes, there is a movie short based a poem he wrote). In fact, Guinness has certified […]

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Is The Movie IT Too Scary For A 13-Year-Old?

IT Movie Cover-New Line Cinemas

Been There, Done That Read the book, saw the miniseries, got the T-shirt (okay, so I didn’t really have the T-shirt). IT: Chapter One (I like to capitalize “IT” in writing when referring to the story since “it” can be very confusing in conversation. “How is it?” “The movie?” “No, dinner.”) came out September 8th. On IMDB, IT gets pretty high […]

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Organizing the KonMari Way, With Folding Examples


Marie Kondo: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up I. LOVE. Marie Kondo. (it’s okay, my husband knows). Marie Kondo makes me want to become a professional organizer. Her books are so inspirational! Especially when you know her journey and what she has done to create her own (tried and true) methods of organization. She has tried everything before figuring out […]

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