Will You Gain the Weight Back? (or NutriMost, Round 2)-Before and After Pics!

Robin Before

Before Nutrimost Round 2, April 2016

Robin After

After Nutrimost Round 2, June 2016

It’s funny how, when you diet, everyone judges how good the diet is on whether or not you gain the weight back. As if there’s some “magic diet” out there where you can eat like crap and never gain weight. But the truth is (and we all know it), if you eat junk, you will ALWAYS gain the weight back–and then some!

With Nutrimost, I did gain some of the weight I lost back…after quite awhile of reverting to my old habits, and NOT following Nutrimost protocol to get the scale back down immediately when it starts going up.

As you can read in my previous post regarding Nutrimost, I lost about 20 pounds of just fat the first time, and then nearly 25 more on my own. After I went back to my old habits just before Thanksgiving…started adding a soda or more per day, adding back in the sugars and starches more often than I should have, and not making sure to stay at my weight set point, I started gaining, until I had gained 20 pounds back.

I kept saying to myself, “I can get it back off, no problem.” And I could have, if I had applied myself (which I never did). It wasn’t until I made the commitment to another 40 days with Idaho Fat Loss, that I was able to stick to the plan and get it all back off again. And now I am committed to keeping it off. The program works, if you follow it. So the short answer to “but, will you gain the weight back?” is YES, if you eat like you did to gain it the first time AND don’t follow the tips to get back down if you start to gain.

It has to be a lifestyle change, where you view treats as treats, instead of just what you eat every day. Plan for those treats! And then plan for afterward, to nip it in the bud if the scale goes up.

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