Will You Gain the Weight Back? (or NutriMost, Round 2)-Before and After Pics!

Robin Before

It’s funny how, when you diet, everyone judges how good the diet is on whether or not you gain the weight back. As if there’s some “magic diet” out there where you can eat like crap and never gain weight. But the truth is (and we all know it), if you eat junk, you will ALWAYS gain the weight back–and […]

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Why I Didn’t Punch The Old Lady In The Face

I sing at a local restaurant sometimes, a nice bar/grill kind of place with a “Cheers” vibe–you know, “where everybody knows your name,” and the waitresses, who have been there forever, are a bit crusty. One such waitress, who shall remain nameless, but let’s just say the name fits her…like if she were named Gertrude…and let’s emphasize the “rude” part. […]

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