Give Up Clutter for Lent! (The 40 Bags in 40 Days Purge)


Trash bags-Dreamstime

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I love this idea for clearing the clutter that’s been going around Facebook. For Lent, instead of giving up sugar, salt, soda, or social media, how about filling up one bag each day, and putting it in the trash or give away pile.

It can be any size bag, and it helps to break it up into bite-sized pieces. Maybe today it’s a grocery bag full of trash, tomorrow a big garbage bag full of clothes, the next, a bag full of papers to shred. Heck, even if you only did it every other day, you’d still clear out a bunch of stuff.

One method to sort through clutter is to have 3 boxes: one labeled “trash,” one “giveaway,” one “fix/return.” Trash and giveaway boxes are pretty self-explanatory, although giveaway can be to charity, a friend, or someone else who might want it.

Fix/return includes things that need to be fixed by you or someone else, and items that need to be returned to a different room of the house, or maybe to someone who loaned something to you. You may even just be able to put the whole box in the car for the items that need to be taken elsewhere for returning or giveaways.

I always have to remind myself how giving away stuff I’m not using allows others to put it to good use. Plus in many states you can deduct your donations from your taxes (it’s good to inventory what you’re giving away if you want to do this).

Here’s to giving up something that can really contribute to your peace of mind!







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